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Concession Planning

Posted by admin | Posted in Concession Stand Ideas | Posted on 05-09-2019

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Getting into the food concession business can be a very lucrative and affordable business investment.  However, before you get started you must consider your options to ensure your success.  You must decide what type of concession equipment you will purchase and use, and then you must decide what type of food you will sell to make money.  These factors all depend on your budget, where you plan to set up, and who your potential buyers will be.

Your most important decision will be whether you sell your concession food out of a concession stand, a concession trailer, or a concession cart.  Each of these options has several advantages and disadvantages.  It is important to consider each to determine which piece of equipment will work best for your needs. 

With the exception of the concession cart, you will be able to choose from the same kinds of food to sell from any of the other concession options.  Concession trailers and concession stands can sell many of the same foods restaurants can, including burgers, tacos, chicken, barbecue, fries, and pizza.  Concession carts on the other hand are limited by their space and also by local laws that often restrict what you can sell from a cart; however hot dogs, sausages, and ice cream are all options to sell from a cart.

All of these things are very important options for you to consider.  The type of concession equipment you sell out of can limit what you are able to sell and where you can sell from.  Once you decide on a business plan you can then determine what your best option will be.

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