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Concession Trailers

Posted by admin | Posted in Concession Information | Posted on 06-09-2019

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The most popular form of concession equipment is the concession trailer.  Concession trailers are often seen at fairs, in parking lots, and on street corners.  These are great if you plan on moving locations frequently.  The advantages of concession trailers are that they are easy to maneuver and offer plenty of working and storage space.  The disadvantage is that they have unsightly wheels, hitches, and jacks.  Some of these cosmetic issues can be covered up with skirts and other decorations, but can still be unattractive.

If your plan on relocating often then the concession trailer is the best option for you.  It allows you to sell a large variety of foods and concessions while at the same time allowing you to remain mobile.  Sometimes the wheels and hitches can be unsightly, but it usually will not affect your sales, and if you plan on remaining in the same location for a week or more you can take measures to hide these features.  If you are looking for a more permanent option then the concession stand would better fit you.  If you only want to sell a couple items then you might want to consider a concession cart.

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